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What We Offer

Private Training

Private Lessons are our best program designed to be taught to you at home

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eCourses and Community

Take part in our 8 week basic obedience program packed with tons of information

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Online Private Classes

The online sessions that are offered is another variation of our In-Home training program

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Puppy Training

Looking for a puppy or puppy training? Let us help you

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Behavioral Issues

Get your peace of mind back by having your dogs behavior assessed, trained, and resolved

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All-in-One Dog Care

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Why Choose Us

Philadelphia’s Best Dog Trainer!

Founded by Robert McLaughlin, a veteran, a mental health advocate, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and so much more.

When you are training with HD Dog Training, the goal is to train you in order to train your furry friend. We have to make sure you enjoy training, so your dog can have just as much fun while learning a new trick! We will be there every step of the way, making sure you are ecstatic knowing that you have not wasted money. More importantly, you have made an INVESTMENT into yourself, your dog, and your personal education. HD Dog Training will turn you in a great owner and trainer with consistency, motivation, dedication, and empathy.

HD Dog Training Philadelphia

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