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Robert McLaughlin

Owner/ Head Trainer

In 2014 Robert attended a program sponsored by the Veterans Affairs and K9 Soldiers Inc, Robert learned from a retired New Jersey State Trooper who was assigned a Supervisor position over five states of K9 teams who responded to the 9/11 incident AND was also selected for a panel of trainers selected by the US Attorney General to create the K9 Handling Guidelines for the State of New Jersey. (Quite the mentor.) Robert has also taken lecture and courses along with traveling through states to work with other professional trainers. Most recently Robert was one of three select few to graduate the Harcum College and UPenn Working Dog Center co-op program where he was able to sharpen his capabilities as a trainer in the realm of positive training techniques of working dogs. As always, we will continue to further our education to provide the most cutting edge dog training techniques that are out there.

ryan asplundh

Ryan Asplundh


From HD client to HD Dog Trainer, Ryan joins the team along with his beloved Cane Corso, Zucchini. He brings his affinity for animals and the outdoors from a background of studying Wildlife Sciences at Virginia Tech, as well as excellent customer service skills from his diverse career experiences… (ask him about his time as a Chef or a ski-guide in Colorado!) Ryan is dedicated to learning and motivated to teach you to grow through training and help build a stronger connection and bond between you and your dog.

The HD Guarantee

Trust. Commitment. Results.

Here at HD, I have merged a hefty handful of core values that we honed in the military to make us into stronger, better, and more capable individuals. I now try to instill those concepts and capabilities into each client and I personally believe this is why all of my clients have had such insane results an amazing triumph and stories to last a lifetime about the things they can now do that they once could not do in the past. That is why I do this, for each dog, and every surprised face on every owner when the dog that they believed to be “not worth even trying with” turns into the neighborhood role model and local celebrity! Time and time again we have stepped up to continue to help make Philadelphia and the rest of PA (and the world). But for now, let’s bring peace to your family and home!

With that said, going into any training with us is to fully understand that YOU WILL GET OUT OF THIS PROGRAM, WHAT YOU PUT INTO THIS PROGRAM. That was the biggest saying we used while I was in the military and it directly applies to every aspect of all of our lives. I will go the extra mile for clients who are truly doing the work and doing their homework (that’s right, homework, daily, CONSISTENCY is daily!). During training, you do have non-stop support and after training you will have the ability to book shorter calls or sessions or even discounted refresher sessions to upkeep your training levels, who knows, maybe someday you’ll want to go up to intermediate, or even advance off-leash training!

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HD Dog Training LLC works with non-profits and rescues to help out where we can. It is of very high importance to us as our entire philosophy of training stands on the same principles of being a good human being. With that said we are currently teamed up with Mr. Rodney Wyatt, CEO and Founder of Salute 2 Service; a non-profit which is determined to help all homeless veterans as well as veterans who will be coming back to the civilian life.

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