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Thank you for contacting HD Dog Training Llc! We are in-home trainers and usually come to you for an hour each week for 8 lessons as part of the Basic Obedience package. The Basic Obedience Package is currently $2600 for an eight-week program that covers all of your dog's needs, wants, and problems. My goal is to teach you how to communicate with your dog and have fun during the training process.

Our Basic Package

The basic package includes 8 one-hour lessons as well as a personalized lesson plan and phone calls, texts, and emails throughout the training. Your lesson plan will include all basic commands, remedies for problem behaviors, whether reactive, anxious, or aggressive, inside and outside the home. Don't forget potty training (if needed) and leash walking assistance so your crazy puller will become your pride and joy and you'll get lots of compliments from neighbors, family, and friends. At HD, we do not and will never train dogs for dog parks or daycare centers. Both are breeding grounds for the worst behaviors, and we tell everyone that upfront as well. Any issues you discuss prior to training will be documented and worked on by us. There is nothing that cannot be resolved. Please hold off on any questions until the consultation. We will not discuss training plans or answer any questions beyond what is on our website until the consultation.

The Training Sessions

Sessions are one hour per week and we must have your training materials purchased and ready by the first lesson or you will lose the scheduled class due to time constraints. So if you do not do your homework and ask questions, you will not get anywhere. The skills you are taught are the foundation for later training - without them, the dog will not understand the training and neither will you. Once you have signed and returned the contracts, you will be able to concentrate fully on training for the next 8 weeks. Each week you will be shown what to do and you will submit videos of your training as homework to get the feedback you need and have the benefit of text, email, and video support for urgent issues that need to be visualized. In doing so, I do not track down my clients or ask you to do homework because we are all adults and if training your dog and learning is a priority for you, sending videos is a no-brainer. Videos must be recorded weekly and submitted by mid-week. Also, daily training and practice are needed to ensure your dog is getting enough practice to progress properly - each week is a building block and will continue to be practiced for a lifetime.

Our Goal

My goal is to fix any problems you are having, build confidence in your dog and yourself, and teach you what you need to know so that you and your pet can live together happily and harmoniously. I teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that they truly understand (and appreciate) you. 

We are available at any time and will work around your schedule as best I can. The initial consultation is 25 minutes and costs $50 for the consultation, which is through Zoom. If you decide to proceed with the training and you feel comfortable, I will apply the deposit to the total training package. The total amount is due in full before the day of the first lesson. During the consultation, we will discuss your dog's issues so we can address them ahead of time. Please write everything down before we come, it makes it much easier and helps you not miss anything that needs to be worked on. At this time we will give you a realistic assessment of what training can and will do for you and your dog. 

Thank you for your interest and I hope to meet you soon! Please let me know when you would like to schedule a consultation, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening, during the week or on the weekend.

Boarding and Training are only available if recommended by the trainer. The four-week program is $6500 and includes 4 in-home follow-up sessions (1 in-home session per week the dog is with us).

(Note: The consultation fee for online and in-home training is to be paid with the submission of this application in order to secure your consultation and reserve your spot. Full Payment for services will be due at the beginning of the first lesson. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, Venmo, PayPal, and Credit or Debit which are automatically charged with a 3.5% on behalf of the bank). Events and swimming lessons are for current clients and members of the HD Community only. Typically Venmo has been easiest to accept payment through if you choose to pay through Venmo, please make payment to the profile named @Robmcl418. Once payment is made please email me back so we can find a good time that works for us both!)

The HD Dog Training Team

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After submitting your information you will be directed to a checkout page to pay the $50 consultation fee. The consultation will not be scheduled until the transaction is completed

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