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Hello HD Members!

We wanted to take a second to notify you all of the upcoming changes to the HD communication structure.

Please note:

*As of 06/01/2022 all of our new clients will be able to utilize the website to ask questions in the assigned weeks forum as well as post pictures and videos of dogs. For those who remember our 8- week course, it has since changed to an 8 lesson course which is less focused on 8 weeks back to back, and now is just 8 lessons over time which is most suitable for the dog, owner, and the company as we are growing. 

*For those who have had WhatsApp chats in the past, you will now have a group here on the website to stay connected called "8 session Gang".

*As we enroll new clients they will temporarily be given access to WhatsApp until they finish out the 8 session package- they will then be immediately removed upon final lesson- and pushed into the group forum here on the site.

*We will be separating those who do not train and continue their skills from the rest of those who do practice and continue to work on their skills, those who are in the "HD Inner Circle" will remain in the WhatsApp as you have earned extra privilege's and have clearly shown and demonstrated through time and skill that they have taken the HD skills and philosophy and have truly and fully incorporated everything you have been taught into your life.

These clients and dogs are consistent, utilize the time and perks they have been given (and have paid for), and continue to shine when no one else is looking. These are the clients we are proud to allow to wear our logo around the city and world. These clients are by invite only- and are able to go to our special training events such as traveling training trips where we all go on a vacation with our dogs and focus on training while living together for the ultimate understanding of how Rob and the other trainers integrate dogs and training into normal every day situations. If you do the work, you can be invited. No one is excluded from the Inner Circle besides those who do not continue to do the work or that have possibly never did the work to begin with. There will be levels of separation by client's skill level from here on out our goal is to have everyone working towards getting into the "HD Inner Circle".

*Lastly, as per many of prior notifications in WhatsApp- those who have been inactive on your accounts for the 30 days or more will be removed from the groups. 


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