Buster ICU Pet Oxygen Therapy Cage (Medium) Includes Oxygen Tubing and Comfort Mat



  • The gold standard for giving oxygen to pets at home. These Cages are used in thousands of veterinary hospitals
  • Use venturi pieces to adjust the oxygen percentage in the Cage. A Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator can be used with the venturi pieces to achieve anywhere from 25-65% oxygen.
  • Requires a Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator, which requires a prescription and is not available on Amazon. Please contact us for more information. Small and Medium Cages require a 5 Liter Medical Grade Concentrator. Large Cage requires a 10 Liter Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator
  • Includes a carry bag for easy storage. Cages are collapsible. A comfort mat and oxygen tubing is included.
  • A nebulizer is included. The nebulizer can be used to administer aerosolized drugs. To properly use the nebulizer, you will need a separate nebulizer machine
  • This is a medical product. No returns once opened due to sanitary reasons

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