LOYY Dog Chew Toy, 2 Suction Cup Dog Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers



  • 【 2 Suction Cups 】 Powerful suction, 2 suction cups can be used interchangeably, can also be used at the same time, so not easy to fall off, this dog chew toy can be attached to smooth and flat floors, tables, glass. Fix the dog rope toy firmly on the floor. The toy allows the dog to interactively train his bite like a tug of war and play by himself.
  • 【 Food Distribution Enhances Fun 】 You can pour dog food into the ball through the toy’s toothed, and then dog will through the toothed of the toy ball to get food to disperse its excess energy. In the long run, it can also effectively improve the dog’s IQ and agility.
  • 【 Clean Teeth 】 According to the chewing habits of pet dogs, the dog toys for aggressive chewers will be chewed with molars. Every jagged molar protrusion we designed will have 2 protrusions. When chewing this product, greater friction will help remove calculus and dirt on the molars. The rubber granular cleaner is on the outside and has a multi-layer tooth cleaning mechanism, which can effectively improve the dog’s bad breath and respiratory health.
  • 【 Natural Safe Non-Toxic 】 The pet molar bite rope toy is made of natural, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless TPR material. The sturdy rope is made of the same material as the surface of the body armor. It is strong and durable and can even resist tiger chewing. The rope can resist the chewing of all dogs. Upgraded material, the second generation is more bite resistant than the first generation.
  • 【 How to Use 】 Use a damp towel to clean the dog’s tug-of-war toy sucker, add dog food or dog snacks to the dog toy, and place 1 or 2 suction cups on a smooth surface. It is best to squeeze the air with your feet. In addition, there is no time limit, if you have after-sales problems, please contact us at any time

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