Dog Training Services

In Home or Online Professional Dog Training

Private Lessons

Here at HD Dog Training, the earlier you begin training and the longer you are able to stay with the company you will end up with an extremely well-trained dog in your home and out. We start with Obedience and then make our way through intermediate and int0 Advanced Obedience. We will teach YOU how to control your dog, how to train behaviors, and how to correct behaviors if necessary.

E-Courses & Community

This portion of the website is where we take our 8 week basic obedience program and jampack tons of information for you and your dog to do at home. When training at home you reap the benefits of not having someone hover on top of you during training. I always tell clients that “you get out of training, what you put into training” and the same goes for life as a whole. With that being said, to ensure you get the most out of online training you just be sure to always submit your weekly videos, do your reading, take your quizzes on time, and of course do the daily training that your dog needs so you can build an incredible, long lasting, loving, and trusting relationship with your pet.

Online Private Classes

The online sessions that are offered is another variation of the companies In Home training program. Here, we take the 8 weeks of in-home training and teach them to you through 30-40 minute Zoom sessions which cover the: sit, down, come, touch, look, heel, crate, bed, and we will cover how to handle any behavioral issues as well. This is an all inclusive course we will discuss many topics, and you will have support throughout the program along with oversight and critique of your homework training videos. This program is a lot of fun and YES.. THIS CAN BE DONE WITHOUT ME EVEN BEING THERE!

Puppy Training

If you are in the market for a puppy, do you know what you need to do? Or buy? Or what is safe for the puppy to do or play with, or even eat?

Well, if you are asking yourself any of these questions you can now sit back and relax and we will take it from here. Puppies happen to be a specialty of ours here at HD and we will even go with you to help you pick out a puppy to ensure you find the right pup for you and your family!

Allow us to set you up with the skills and confidence that you need to be the best owner you can be and also to make sure that stress levels stay low in the home. As cute as puppies are they can also be quite curious, messy, nippy, and rambunctious (that is normal!).

Behavioral Issues

In the years that HD Dog Training has served Philadelphia and surrounding counties I have worked with many owners who needed their dogs behavior assessed, trained, and resolved. Some of these issues to mention are potty issues, crate training, dog-on-dog issues, dog-on-human issues, dogs dragging owners on leash and hurting them directly or indirectly, dogs having issues with children, dogs showing teeth, snarling, snapping, lunging, biting. fighting, “showing dominance” or mounting, chasing squirrels/ rats/ mice/ possum/ deer/ etc. The list goes on….

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