Dog Training Services

In Home or Online Professional Dog Training

Behavioral Issues

Regain peace of mind by having your dog’s behavior assessed with us. We can handle any issues you may be dealing with, often resolving issues over a video call.

Some common issues we deal with:

  • anxiety
  • environmental reactivity
  • reactivity to other dogs/animals or people
  • aggression towards dogs or people
  • fear reactivity
  • urination/defecation in the home
  • breaking out of crates
  • destroying the house/furniture
  • eating clothing
  • breaking out of windows
  • lunging at people on walks
  • dragging you on walks
  • screaming on walks, in the crate, or when scared

Private In Home Training with Community Access

This is our eight week course designed to teach you how to become the best dog owner possible while creating bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. Need Puppy training? Have a dog lunging or biting? Having potty issues? No manners? No need to worry, we’ve got you from here. Become part of the community and get crazy member benefits like attending group events, walks, trips, store, and more! Once this course is completed you will be offered the option of continuing training for an exclusive member rate. One of the many perks of being an HD community member!

Online Face to Face Training Program

The 1-on-1 classes are here to help those that may not feel as though they need help with in person training. Although, we recommend in home training over online- online has had AMAZING success for many students and will teach you everything you would learn as if we were physically present in the home with you. This is a great solution for anyone struggling during the covid times or that needs more after maybe realizing that the online course is not enough or you feel like you want extra support.

(Extra Support package available to Online Course Clients as well).

Puppy Training

Looking for a puppy or need help with your new little monster? Let us help you navigate the perils of being a new puppy owner. We are here to support, guide, and assist you every step of the way and have an entirely new approach to raising puppies vs the traditional way of “let them figure it out for themselves”. That will lead to future behavioral issues and bad habits. Those bad behaviors do not just magically stop someday, they get worse as the dog repeats the bad behavior. The best time to start training when thinking about a puppy is quite literally BEFORE you even get the puppy. Getting a puppy is like having a baby and you don’t wait until last minute to prepare for such momentous occasions. A dog, just like a child, when raised wrong or when exposed to the wrong thing or scenarios is shaped by those events. We want to help you set up things that have positive long-lasting effects.

Online Course and Curriculum w/ access to HD Online Community

Coming soon!

Sign up now to get pre-registered to be the first in line for the Beta testing of our program when it comes out! (Clients Only Initial Round) OR Sign Up for Pre Sales of the course and pay for it now and as soon as the course launches you can be a part of the first few to start the course as soon as it comes out.


The below pricing reflects our current spring sale. These prices are subject to change.

  • In-Home Training $2,989

    8 Sessions

  • Board & Train $8,000

    1 Month

  • Board & Train: Behavioral Modification $10,000

    1 Month

  • 8 Private Zoom Sessions $1,600

    8 Sessions

  • Zoom Single Session $250

    1 Sessions

Consultations must be booked by 3/31/2024. Any consultations booked after that day are subject to full pricing. Prices are valid for up to two weeks after the consultation. 

HD Community Member Benefits

Our clients also get special benefits exclusive to the HD Dog Training Community